Elizsbeth Martinez Strauss

Due Process for All

My office will move to an open-file discovery policy. The Defendant’s file will be available to the Defense unless there are specific safety concerns. This ensures transparency, fairness and the public’s trust in The State Attorney’s office.

Elizsbeth Martinez Strauss talking to a group of people

Prioritizing the Worst Offenders

While crime rates have plummeted throughout the rest of Florida, they remained high within Tampa. My administration will coordinate with law enforcement to target the most serious criminals to make our streets safer.

Elizabeth Martinez Strauss

Fair Sentencing

We will focus on finding the right punishment to fit the crime, with the hopes of bringing more people back into society sooner as productive citizens. Criminal defendants have family, friends, employers, and many other people in their lives that are impacted by prison sentences that are often higher than necessary to deter from future criminal activity. This often perpetuates a cycle of crime for fatherless or motherless youth and in the end is a net loss for us all.

Elizsbeth Martinez Strauss talking to a group of people