In Memoriam – A tribute to my grandfathers, Victor Martinez and Joseph Cacciatore

Victor J. Martinez

Dr. Victor J. Martinez

Dr. Victor J. Martinez was a renowned physician and lawyer from Tampa, Florida. Referred to as the “lifeline for the poor” by Tampa Bay Times, he was a lifelong Tampa citizen born to Spanish immigrant parents. Dr. Martinez was a heart surgeon, United States Navy Commander and Deputy Chief of Surgery at the U.S. Public Health Service’s Marine Hospital, the chairman of the Florida State Board of Medical Examiners for nearly a decade, instrumental in the founding the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, and honored as the 1996 Hispanic Man of the Year, among many other accomplishments and accolades. The legacy he cared most about was that of his family, especially his four granddaughters. His influence in Elizabeth’s life inspired her passion for helping others.

Joseph Cacciatore

Joseph Cacciatore was born in New York City to Sicilian parents. He was not a renowned physician or lawyer, but a hardworking blue-collar mechanic who started his career pumping gas to provide for his family. His dedication earned the respect of his life-long employer, Joseph Capitano. His no-nonsense demeanor contributed greatly to the personality and direct advocacy style of Elizabeth. He also introduced her to the sport of golf, a hobby she continues to love. The life he lived paved the way to many opportunities for his Italian-American descendants, including this run for State Attorney.

Joseph Cacciatore